Sharon Dominguez Weddings


Reflecting You!


How I Approach Weddings

The wedding ritual is an opportunity for you to express what a united life means and provide strength for a lifetime of living into the promises you make to each other. Weddings are a reflection of who you are and who you aspire to be, stronger together than apart.

I have worked with a wide variety of couples, and am able to officiate weddings in English, Spanish, and Italian. I also am honored to serve the LGBT community.

I work to learn who you are, and then together we create a wedding that reflects your personality to align with your desires and dreams, based on the poetry of your life. The work of creating a wedding is potentially deeply healing work; each decision made is intentional in setting the stage for your future life together.

Ed Friedman, a family therapist and rabbi says: “The rite of passage functions as ‘hinges of time.’ All family relationship systems unlock during these periods.

More doors open or close naturally between various family members than can be swung at other times, even after years of agonizing endeavors.

Perhaps this explains why wedding preparation can be both deeply exhilarating and deeply stressful. So much rests on these few moments of ritual.

Therefore, while I am here to fulfill your wedding ritual obligations, I am most of all here to be a positive, calming, and grounding force while you negotiate the myriad of details and emotions that a wedding requires. Your time of preparation and the wedding itself could have a profound meaning for the two of you whether you are in front of your community, standing side by side in Central Park, on the beach, or declaring your love atop a mountain in Nepal.*

* re: the mountaintop in Nepal, I won't go over 17,000 feet.



You must be engaged!


How We Would Work Together

We will meet (virtually if you live outside of New York City or in person if you live in the New York City area) to discuss your needs and desires.

This first meeting will help determine if we are the right fit. If so, we will talk about your story, all that brings you to this point, and what marriage means for you.

Then I will send follow up questions for you to reflect on and respond to, and I will begin to craft your ceremony. We can use poetry, philosophy, song, art, and incorporate rituals from your own tradition or religion.

We will be in touch frequently leading up to your wedding, and then I will arrive early to the ceremony to make sure all is in order.

I believe in doing what I do well; therefore I focus my services on the wedding ritual itself and not in flowers, photographs and the such. However, if you aren’t a New Yorker (or even if you are!) I am able to make recommendations for these kinds of services. I can also guide you to necessary information about licenses and permits.

It would be an honor for me to help you realize the ceremony that is uniquely you—and helps you live into your dreams.


We will talk about your story, all that brings you to this point, and what marriage means for you.


The Fine Print

How Much Does it Cost?



Due to the personalized nature of my work, I can quote you a price for my services after an initial conversation. Fees are determined by day, time, size of wedding, content and length of ceremony, and the extent and method of travel. I am flexible in working out details.

For weddings, I will ask for a 50% deposit to secure the date, once we agree on a price. Then, if for some reason, your plans change, I am happy to refund the deposit minus a $25 transaction fee for Paypal users.

The remainder is due in full on the day of the wedding.